One hundred and fifty years after Sir Bernard Burke published his famed history of the leading Orders of Knighthood, Burke's Peerage and Gentry announced the publication of a major new study of the extant Orders of Knighthood and merit of every state. World Orders of Knighthood & Merit is one of the most important works ever produced on the subject and will remain the definitive guide for many years to come. Each Order's foundation date, purpose, structure, investiture details, officers and membership requirements are listed along with precise descriptions of the insignia.

The only orders of knighthood to appear on this Site will be those confirmed authentic by Burke's Peerage and Gentry. Self-styled or false orders will not be listed unless we find it necessary to do so in order to uncover transgressions and insults to the integrity of an officer and a gentleman.


Supreme Order of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Papal Order
Pius IX
Papal Order
St. Gregory the Great
Papal Order
St. Sylvester Pope & Martyr

Order of the Golden Spur
Equestrian Order
of the
Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George
order of the holy cross Patriarchal Order
of the
Holy Cross of Jerusalem

Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta
Teutonic Order
Military Order of Santiago
Order of St. Stephen of Tuscany

St. George of Bavaria


Order of our Lady of the Conception of Vila ViÇosa


The Military Order of the Tower & of the Sword
Order of Avis
Military Order of Christ